Saturday, January 21, 2012

REVIEW: Thank You, Countess Bats!

From the witty and charming Countess Bats (@bats0711) comes this make-me-blush review of my Tales from the Hotel Central, from her blog, The She Chronicles:

Keep It Simple Saturday

Today is Saturday so you know what that means, I’m trying to move as little as possible and I’m reading. Check out this book I found, it’s called Tales from the Hotel Central by Gil C. Schmidt and it’s so good it has a book trailer:

Mr. Schmidt is a superb author even though he’s a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Check out some of his writing here: Gil The Jenius and here: Gil Schmidt At Work. I promise you won’t be sorry.

Enjoy YOUR Simple Saturday!

Countess, in your honor--and despite the severe burden of doing this for an Eagles fan--I am providing a FREE code to get a copy of Tales from the Hotel Central, valid until next Simple Saturday!!

Go to the Tales from the Hotel Central page, click to purchase the format you wish and enter this code: RA24J  Your copy of my book will be FREE!

Thank you, Countess. And thank all of you who grab a copy and make your Simple day one to share with me.

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